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  • Professional Development

    Raising Healthy Eaters March 24, 2014

  • Team building Training March 20, 2014

  • Dealing with Unacceptable Behavior May 6, 2014

Raising Healthy Eaters

Raising Healthy Eaters

TCNJ Staff Workshop Developed in Conjunction with TCNJ Human ResourcesContinue Reading

How to Deal with Unacceptable Employee Behavior 5-6-14

How to Deal with Unacceptable Employee Behavior 5-6-14

Enroll in this class now, and you’ll learn the management magic that can turn around the messiest situations … and find out what to do when you can’t repair or reverse a performance problem.Continue Reading

9 Traits of Highly Successful Work Teams 4-22-14

Team building training to maintain teams that work Here — in one concise workshop — are proven, practical tools to help you and your teammates work together in better harmony … enjoy your jobs more … and make greater contributions to your organization. Learn together as you walk through nine critical traits of highly successfulContinue Reading

Team Building, Mentoring and Coaching Skills for Managers 3-20-14

As a manager, what kind of relationship would you like to have with your employees … Leader? Friend? Teacher? Mentor? … the person who motivates them, guides them, encourages them, and makes them want to win? Forward-thinking managers have discovered that the same skills that coaches use to create winners in athletics work in aContinue Reading


New PAR Evaluation Form Instructions on how to complete the New PAR Form.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Human Resources.

Mindful Mile – Every Monday at Noon

Meet Aliz Holzmann, RD, CDE at 12:00pm every Monday outside The 1855 Room for a walk around campus (about 20 minutes) and casual talk about nutrition! All students and staff are welcome to join Aliz whether you can make it just one Monday or every Monday.  Contact Aliz at if you have any questions. 

Raise Healthy Eaters 3-24

This workshop was created with TCNJ Staff i mind so that can learn how to “Raise Healthy Eaters”. March 24th at 12:30pm in the Library Auditorium Facilitator Aliz Holzmann, Dining Services Dietician