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Learning & Professional Development

Who We Are

Learning and Professional Development offers consulting, professional and career development, and performance management programs and services to The College of New Jersey community. Our work is strategically designed to enhance organizational readiness and workplace culture to support our faculty and staff.


What We Offer

Recognizing the importance of learning, professional development and talent management, the program endeavors to:

  • Align programs and offerings with strategic priorities
  • Facilitate leadership growth
  • Empower learners
  • Encourage individual accountability
  • Motivate and engage employees
  • Retain high performing and high potential talent


A primary goal is employee engagement.  With this in mind we offer:

  • Organizational Consulting: Consulting services to assist with achievement of strategic and tactical goals at the organizational and the business unit levels.
  • Customized learning programs:  TCNJ is a diverse community. To address the needs of a multitude of business units, we build learning programs to address performance needs of select departments
  • Professional & Career Development: Innovative learning and development programs to prepare staff for leadership roles at TCNJ
  • Collaborative partnerships across the TCNJ community


Mission, Vision & Values


To strengthen TCNJ’s ability to deliver exceptional service to students, parents, customers, and guests by developing an engaged, high performance workforce. We realize this mission by providing industry leading-edge learning and development solutions that are:

  • Aligned with the Student Affairs mission and aspirational work culture
  • Customized to meet individual and departmental needs
  • Integrated to achieve organizational goals


Learning and Professional Development provides staff with the skills and experiences to reach their full career and professional potential. The Office of Human Resources aspires to be a destination employer. Learning and Professional Development drives this ambition by:

  • Focusing on staff outcomes
  • Implementing strategic approaches to achieve organizational goals
  • Developing a high performance workforce that drives organizational goals


The Learning and Professional Development team believes:

  • Learning and development is continuous.
  • It is important to recognize and celebrate success.
  • The optimal forum for creative, innovative thinking is open, collaborative, and fun.
  • When staff are engaged in their work and feels a sense of community, we have done our jobs well.