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President’s Leadership Academy: About

We are excited to announce the President’s Leadership Academy at TCNJ. Designed for experienced managers interested in senior leadership at TCNJ, The President’s Leadership Academy focuses on reinforcing existing knowledge while introducing new knowledge and skills essential for success in upper management at TCNJ.

Participants in the President’s Leadership Academy will explore leadership as part of a cohort of colleagues in an 18-24 month program that includes instructor-led training workshops, shared readings, online learning, group discussions, guest speakers and the completion of a project.

Those selected to join the cohort will be exposed to senior-level leadership and stakeholders, and a powerful learning experience. A unique opportunity for staff and faculty to further develop leadership and management skills, this program is designed to create the foundation for leaders at TCNJ to be successful in their roles, implement strategy, and to assist their division and the college in meeting strategic goals.